Sunday, September 12, 2010

My Big Weekend of Awesome and Worst Firsts

I had a lot of big "firsts" this weekend. First time I worked all weekend. First time I worked a crazy Saturday with four shows.

First "first" of note was my first time receiving and using comp tickets! The best thing about working at the KY Center is that you can almost always get comps for just about anything. I was so excited to see my comp request in my mailbox with my tickets for the Louisville Ballet's performance of Giselle. The seats were awesome to boot--orchestra row L, seat 41 and 42 (dead center)!

I had my first encounter with major drama. One of the lead dancers in the ballet had comp tickets through the Louisville Ballet. He wanted to exchange them for two tickets seated together. I wasn't able to do so because his tickets came directly from the Louisville Ballet not the KY Center. I told him he could come back at 1:00 when the ballet rep would be at the box office. The dancer became very huffy and self-important. He got really mad and announced, "I can't come back at 1:00! I'm in the show! I'm dancing the lead in the show! This is ridiculous!" Mr. Diva Dancer Man with Ratty Hair stormed out the center, in the words of one of my co-workers, like a psycho lumberjack going out into the woods to kill somebody. He came back at 1:00, was nice to the ballet rep, got his tickets exchanged, and seemed in a better mood afterward. He never apologized, so he's still a jerk in my book.

Later that evening, Dustin and I ate sushi at a local sushi bar called Oishii--first time going there. It was AMAZING! The sushi was great and the portions very generous. Prices were what you'd expect for sushi, and there was a ton of variety! We got a Louisville Roll (spicy crab, avocado, with seared Salmon and eel sauce on top) and a 2-in-1 roll (cooked spicy tuna roll deep fried, wrapped inside a spicy crab roll with avocado).

Following dinner, we went home, I change and picked up my friend Matt (who willingly replaced Dustin as my date) to go see the ballet. Neither of us had ever been to see an actual ballet. Well technically, I have been to the ballet, but the show was actually an opera turned into a ballet performance. The opera singers were present, but in the pit. If there are singers involved, I don't count it as ballet. I was worried I would be a little bored because there was no dialouge or singing. I was absolutely wowed by the show. My friend Matt was too. He told me, "I went in prepared to hate the show. I only wanted to go, so I could say I'd been to a ballet. But it was really cool! I don't if it's the gayness in me or what, but I really like it!" I'll post a more in depth review later.

I had three awesome "first" experiences and one bad "first," since there needs to be balance, the universe couldn't leave the score at that. Today, I got pulled over for the first time and my first speeding ticket! The cop was a major jerk and who was obviously using me to fill his quota. I was late to work, and everyone speeds on I-65--no goes 55 mph!!! The primary reason I got pulled over was because I passed him (in an undercover cop car)! I was going 74-77, but think how fast he had to be going for me to pass him (at least 65!)!!! He turned on the lights and sirens, and so my first instinct was to stop and pull over to the left emergency lane. Only there wasn't a left emergency lane. Then I saw the cop pull over the right emergency lane; for half a minute I thought about just going on past. However, I didn't think it would be a good idea since he could probably get license plate number and would probably pursue me. Then I'd be in bigger trouble if I got caught or even more late to work trying to lose him. I pulled over to the side, the cop proceeds to say in a rude tone, "Have you ever been pulled over before?!" I answered no. He took my license and insurance. He ran my license plate number, and had to come back to ask what state my car was from. I told him SC, he thought NC, and walked off and though I kept repeating SC--he obviously didn't hear. He came back cited me for speeding and CARELESS DRIVING! Because I almost STOPPED! He told me I wasn't supposed to stop because I was in the left lane; I would be allowed to get over to the right, and next time to do so. I have to go to traffic court now on Oct. 11! Another first!

I'm so exhausted from the weekend. I ended up feeling sick today on top of everything. I'm looking forward to a tame week--until Rachel's wedding shower this weekend. Another first! First time being a bridesmaid! I don't think it's possible to ever run out of "firsts."

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  1. Oh, I wish I could have come to see the Ballet with you! I'm sure it was lovely!

    Sorry about the copper. There are a handful of nice ones but plenty of doucher ones!