Thursday, September 2, 2010


Trust Dustin to try to come up with a witty excuse for eating my Oreos. He said he would buy me a Godiva chocolate bar (they're on sale right now) if he could eat some of my Oreos. I told him okay, that's a fair exchange.

Dustin says, "It's alchemy! I can't make nothing out of thin air. I'm changing something for another."

Me, "That's not alchemy! You're not changing something INTO another!"

Dustin, "Well, I'm going to change it into something later."

*facepalm* Such is my relationship.

Then he goes and eats a whole row of Oreos; we have very different definitions of "some"! I think I need to make various contracts for these type of situations, and each sign off on it. He is just lucky that I love him and that he loves and accepts all my crazy eccentricities. Plus, I just as often eat his sweets, and he's bought me ice cream like countless times. I guess things even out. I still think I ought to make a contract.

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  1. Haha, that's cute. Yeah, SOME is not a row. Some is like 5. There's like 10 or 12 in a row, yes?