Saturday, September 18, 2010

Quickie Blog of Lotsa Topics

Need to go to effing bed and stop dwelling on grad school "dra-ma." I wrote a long convoluted blog to myself to rationalize everything. I know what the answer is, despite how I protest and say I don't care and "fuck this shit!" I do care; I would regret not finishing grad school. So I gotta suck it up, find some way to pay for one more semester of candidacy, and I am going to get my shit together for real.

Gotta get up early; heading to Owensboro tomorrow/today for Rachel and Will's wedding shower. Carpooling with friends Cassie and Matt; road-tripping with multiple people is always fun. Rachel's parents are putting us all up in a nice hotel. :) Bridesmaid luncheon tomorrow too. I forsee lots of Mimosas, laughing, and inappropriate comments and behavior. Then another shower on Sunday with the other side of Rachel's family (her mom's I think); that shower is the "girly" one. Rachel is bringing two of her three kitties and dog; I'm so excited as I love cats, and Bob and Cece are still kittens to boot! And Alice is adorable!

Thank God for Dustin and his awesome family! He puts up with all my grad school drama in addition to whatever craziness is going in my life. His parents took us out to dinner tonight. Then Dustin and I poked around B-A-M, and he offered to buy me Catching Fire, the second book in The Hunger Games series. BEST FIANCE EVER! I told him, he didn't have to get it because he's saving up for bills and tickets to Spring Awakening. However, he insisted; I think it was partially to make up for the fact he bought FFXIV today. I told him to take me to Target because the book was cheaper there despite being in hardback. He was tired by the time we got to Target (he'd been up since 7 AM with almost no break), so he told me to just take his card and go inside to buy the book while he waited in the car. Again, BEST FIANCE EVER! Books are always the best gifts! Love him regardless of presents, but it's always nice when he sporadically buys a book for me.

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  1. I love a man who understands the importance and our obsession with books!! Good for you!

    Wooo, mimosas! Wish I could crash and have one myself. Have safe travels, Lan, and take lots of pictures!