Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Brief Life Update

Blog, blog, blog, I always feel I don't ever have anything exciting to write about. I don't feel like I should be forced to write when I don't feel it. However, I have had quite a few things worth a quick blog about, so I'm gonna shove 'em all together.

My good friend and former college roomie Rachel Roberts is getting married this November! Since I'm a bridesmaid, my social calendar suddenly has a whole bunch of fun things filling it up. I've been getting a lot of fancy, social important mail, save the date, wedding invitation, shower invitation, and bachelorette party invitation. It makes me excited to check the mailbox and a little grown-up.

Dustin and I have new friends, and they're a couple to boot! Their names are Julie and Timothy. They're nerds but primarily gamers. We hung out together on Saturday playing Smash brothers (I fail at this game), Disney Sing-A-Long (Dustin and I sang A Whole New World together--very romantic and cute), and Cranium (which Dustin and I totally dominated with our college learningz). We'll likely be hanging out again in the future sometime though not sure when. I'll just wait for a facebook messaging.

There needs to be a "Parking Downtown Lousiville for Dummies" guidebook for me because I not only fail at driving downtown, I fail at parking too. Apparently, all this time I thought I was parking in the KY Center garage, I was parking in the River Front Garage. The latter is more expensive and not free on weekends or after 8 PM. However, it does lead directly up to the KY Center which is really confusing. On Sunday, when I finally found and parked in the correct garage (right next door, though kind of hidden); I forget which side I parked on only remembering I parked next to an elevator. I took the elevator in the front of the building down only to not find my car; so I went up and down for like 20 minutes (I'm sure my co-workers thought I was crazy and the dumbest girl imaginable if they saw me). Finally, I just walked out the front of the center, down the sidewalk to the front of the garage, took the stairs down, and then magically ended up at my car. I didn't understand how I could take an elevator up from the garage to the center, but not back down to the same place. Then Dustin reminded me, there are two sets of elevators in the building. DUH! Again, seriously, someone needs to create a downtown Louisville parking guide, but it's freakin' confusing and nuts down there! I think I could write an epic novel on my parking/driving exploits downtown.

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  1. Ha, I can only imagine the parking, I remember how it was when we went to see Idina and it was all over the place and freaky parking garages!

    Glad you've got some couple friends! I am horrible at ALL video games, fo' sho. I never got to play them growing up!