Saturday, August 7, 2010

Vacation: Take 2

On my second and last vacation of the summer. I was actually somewhat reluctant to go because I'm kind of vacationed out after Florida and the cruise to the Caribbean. Also, I just started my new job at the KY Center, and hate to lose hours not long after I've started. This time, I'm on vacation with MY FAMILY--a bunch of crazy Asians all of them, no exaggeration. I flew out of Louisville this morning with only a 15 minute delay and made it just in time for my connecting flight to Augusta--yay for no extensive delays or layovers!

Once in Augusta, my sister and I went to Atlanta Bread Company for lunch. We came home, she ran errands while I talked with my mom and attempted to sneak in a nap which lasted for about 5 minutes max. We went shopping at the Aiken mall because it's tax free weekend in SC. I came out with a sophisticated, white blazer jacket for about $17 from Dillards. I'm picky about my clothes and am unwilling to pay over $20 for a polyester cotton blend shirt much less $40 on a pair of pants--granted it was buy one get one for $1! Even though it was tax free weekend and my mother was paying, if I wouldn't pay for the clothes with my own money why should I make my mom? Then again I doubt my mom would consent. I kind of wanted to pick up a cool book of essays on True Blood and Philosphy. I read one about Sookie and how she reflects the conflicts between feminists and the feminists movement. It's philosophy "lite" and geared toward a much more casual, albeit educated audience--definitely not towards academics.

Tomorrow, my sister and I are driving to NC and will not be getting lost this time, especially because we are leaving early in the morning! We are going to see our Dad and all our relatives on his side. Monday, we're heading to the beach for several days (more driving); everyone's already there and waiting for us. I'm going to tan, enjoy listening to Vietnamese karaoke going on ALL DAY, hang out with my cousins, eat twenty times a day, and oh yeah, swim in the ocean and maybe read more of Pillars of the Earth. 


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  2. Ooo, I like the idea of that True Blood and Philosophy book!! Is that the title? Link me to it?

    Have a good vacation!