Thursday, August 12, 2010

Home Sweet Home

I have three places I call home: my apartment in Louisville, my mom's house in SC, and my dad's house in NC. So it's always funny and occasionally confusing when I say "I'm home!" Back from a few days at the beach. The weather was wonderful, and there were lots of lovely tide pools to lay and relax in on our last day. I met my cousin Emily's cousin on her mother's side (so I guess she's like an extended cousin by marriage?). Her name is Marianne, and she's from Germany! Her mother is Vietnamese, and her father is French. She's really nice and fun. Also met the two most adorable twin Vietnamese girls! They were adopted by a couple who used to live next door and is good friends with one of my uncles. They were so small and cute and reminded me of me and my sister when we were little.

Hrrrmmm...not much to say. Nothing too particularly exciting. Went crab hunting one night and caught a crab with my bare hands! I got pinched twice in the process! I still have the marks on my finger. The crabs were really small, they're not in season this time of year. My uncle caught one really large rock crab using a trap. Also, my cousin Khoa saw Andrew Zimmerman eat sand crabs/sand fleas when he went to Thailand. So my family dug up a huge load of sand crabs, battered them, and deep fried them. I didn't try one, but my cousin Kim said they tasted like a combination of shrimp and crab. Such is my family; they are pretty hardcore when it comes to catching fresh seafood.

Now at Barnes and Noble just chilling and mooching off the free wi-fi. Going to Golden Corral shortly; my dad says he likes the buffet there better than the Chinese buffet. The only reason to go to the Chinese buffet is the unlimited crab legs and sushi. Posting a few pics of the vacation, more later.


  1. You are precious, as ever. I did a lot of fresh seafood gathering in FL, it was fun! Crab is GOOD!

    Hey, also, be sure to change my URL on your blogroll -- it's now !

  2. haha your crab story reminds me of that time I went with you, your mom, and your sister to that market and they had those crabs in the bucket that scared the crap out of me! haha

    Show that crab who is boss! ;)