Thursday, July 29, 2010

Working Girl, Working Hard

I have now worked at the KY Center for the Arts for four days now; two days of training and computer stuff; two days of actual shadowing and being in the box office area. It's actually kind of neat to see one of the business aspects of the theatre, and it can be a rough job as I saw today. Jersey Boys just recently opened, and it's so popular. There are annoying customers in every job involving sales, and I seemed to experience them all today. Everyone keeps wanting to buy last minute tickets for this weekend. Everyone also wants really good seats, but for really cheap--like orchestra row H center for $40. There are people who want you to go over all the seats available in every price range for multiple showings--each time asking "Are those bad/good seats?"Today there was a lady who ordered tickets, then wanted a refund because she and the people she was going with would be offended by cursing. She basically accused my co-worker (who I was shadowing) of deceiving her; tricking her into buying tickets, then telling her about the cursing afterward when the tickets were paid for and non-refundable. Luckily, the tickets hadn't been printed, so the order had not been processed, and it was reversible. The box office was crazy today, but I think these kind of days are the ones you learn the most on.

Nevertheless, I still love my job, except that I have to drive downtown and pay for parking. At least on weekends and nights I work shows, I don't have to pay for parking. I really enjoy the environment, and all my co-workers are nice, fun, chatty, and awesome. The girl I was shadowing today is still fairly new (she's worked since May), so we're learning together. She reminds me a lot of myself, and most importantly she loves Idina Menzel. I think I'm going to make her my work BFF. Again, this is the best job I've ever had. Aside from having awesome co-workers, learning new comp skills to pimp my resume, working for/in the theatre, I can read on the job when I'm not taking phone calls or selling tickets! I really feel like I am the luckiest working girl right now!


  1. WANT. This job. So badly.

    Seriously, though, way to go finding a job that you love and accomodates you. I hope I'm that lucky in a few months. My goal is to work at a library.

  2. Doesn't loving your job make things so much better! Now we both are blessed with actually loving our jobs!!!!

    Oh and I have already found a perfect bday gift for you!!