Friday, July 16, 2010

Finally A JOB!

Last week I went on an interview with the KY Center for the Arts. I found the job via Craigslist and immediately sent an email reply. Then I placed a call to my good friend Cassie who works there. She sent in a recommendation to the manager, and I got a quick response. I was one of the first people interviewed, and I was told it'd be at least a week and a half to two weeks before I'd get a call/email back. I was told by Cassie, it would definitely take that long because the people tend to be really pokey about this sort of thing.

Today, I got on Craigslist scanning for more jobs. I went to my email to send a reply to one of the ads when I saw an email from the KY Center. It said my background check had cleared and they would love to offer me the job! I took it right away, and now I'm scheduled to come in Tuesday from 12-4 PM for training and paperwork!

It's still a twenty-something job that pays a little above minimum wage ($7.55). However, it's a place where I won't hate going to work. It actually comes with benefits I'd use and care about: comp tickets and advance ticket sales to concerts/plays/broadway shows. It's involved with the ARTS; the people I work with are cultured and appreciate all the arts. There's no crappy music pop/rap/r&b/new country to listen to anymore at work. I don't have to wear an ugly/bland uniform. I'm so excited and happy about this job.

It's been a loooong dry spell, and my savings are pretty much gone from paying rent for the past 6 months. I was getting quite desperate. I had to ask my parents for money to help me out this month. I was raiding through my closet and belongings trying to figure out what I could sell to help pay rent. I've been without work for about 7 1/2 months!!! I am so relieved to finally have a job and one that I actually want! Everyone but me has been able to got a job somewhere I wanted. No more retail or food service or warehouse (netflix)!

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