Monday, July 12, 2010

True Love

Dustin and I have been together for over four years! We've been engaged for over half a year now! I think I'm often guilty of taking him and his unconditional love for granted. Going through the craziness of trying to sort my life out and wedding planning, I've realized I sometimes lose track of what's important: Dustin and true love. Nothing can stop TRUE LOVE (The Princess Bride is the truth). For me, true love isn't sweep you off your feet romance or crazy passion all day everyday. It's the comfort of sitting next to someone knowing he is your best friend, your other half, and doesn't care about anything but the smile on your face. I am so happy to be and crazy in love with Dustin, the nerdy boy with dark hair and glasses, I met at Gattiland who openly professed his love of Sailor Moon.

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