Tuesday, May 4, 2010

School's Out for Summer!

Whoohoo! I'm done with grad school except for my culminating project! Candidacy for the Fall, and then I'll be done. Dustin's graduating this Saturday with his Masters in education--I'm so proud of him! He's going to be an awesome teacher!

Now that's school's out, I'm at a loss of what to do. I don't have job still, so that's my top priority. I'm going to look into doing volunteer work; I sit here and espouse my ideals of bettering society and mourn people's lack of empathy while I haven't done anything productive myself. I'm going to change that by volunteering at a library, the humane society, Frasier musuem or KY Shakespeare Festival. This will also get me out and hopefully, I'll be able to make new friends outside of school.

Of course, everything currently depends on my having a car; mine is sadly too far gone and expensive to fix. Right now, I have Dustin to take me whereever, but once he starts working he can't. His mom generously offered the use of her car which she doesn't drive, since Scott (her husband) got a new one, and she carpools with her mother to work.

Here are my summer plans:
-Get a job
-Volunteer at least once a week
-Work on culminating project
-Book Club (with Paducah friends) - I already finished the first book!
-Take on and complete 50 Book Challenge
-Keep up with my reading journal
-Blog regularly
-Start writing short stories again
-Spend more time editing the wiki on and writing articles for AnimeVice
-Disney World and Cruise to the Virgin Islands! (Generously paid for by Dustin's parents)

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  1. Your ending grad school just as I am entering! Congrats though! I know how excited you must be!

    Seems like our cars are always being a problem, mine still runs, but its on the verge of breakdown! I can't drive it to Paducah, only around town.