Wednesday, April 7, 2010

It Takes A Lot of Effort NOT to Do Work

I'm quickly running out of things to avoid doing my homework and massive research paper due within a matter of weeks. It's so hard to come up with reasons unless I'm in a comatose state due to allergy meds. There's only so many places to go to run errands in a day, limited time spent eating, only a few decent things to watch on TV, and now I'm pretty much out of things to do on the internet. I'm just so damn sick of school and want a job (JUST ABOUT ANYWHERE) and internship at a library or museum somewhere but that also depends on doing well in school I suppose so I can get good references. And I don't want to even think about my culminating project which I have not touched since writing my proposal in February which was too broad and thus rejected. I've been in school my whole damn life, and now I feel like I'm just now getting into my rebellious teenager "FUCK SCHOOL" phase at 24 in my second year of grad school.

I just feel I need to don Hot Topic goth/punk girl clothes, heavy black eyeliner, converses and not brush my hair. Then I should I sing this song by Skye Sweetnam "Billy S." The ultimate pop punk song because let's be honest: I'm not into real punk; I like it to be a little girly and have pink mixed in with my black. Better yet, I want to quit school, and go run off and join a Japanese schoolgirl rock band like Scandal. I'd also settle for being part of a cutesy J-pop group; so long as cute outfits and choreographed dances are involved, I'm in. What's something "wild and crazy and rebellious" that you dream of doing?

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