Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Blogging Miscellany

Today was somewhat uneventful. I got my hair cut after it letting it grow out and get messy for over several months.

Dustin applied for two jobs--one of which is definitely guaranteed. I put in another job application. Putting in more apps, going to go the temp agency, and crossing my fingers, hoping someone calls.

Been having problems with installing blog layouts and not having the comments section work. It's really frustrating. I've just been too lazy to make my own. Now, it seems I have to. I wish I knew more about coding CSS and such so I could make my site a little fancy. Still, I'm pretty good with designing headers in photoshop, so I'm cool with having a simple layout with a nice header.

Trying to get into the habit of blogging daily. The excuse I always make not to blog is "I have nothing interesting to blog about." Then I don't blog or I put off blogging because I don't think an event interesting enough or don't get around to it. So even if I don't think there's much to blog about, I still need to blog.

Actually, something significant happened yesterday to a good friend, that I just found out about today. There's been a quite a bit of raging and f'yous going around. Also, a little sadness because a site I and many others have put a lot of work into is going down the drain because of poor executive decisions and lack of executive care.

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