Friday, October 23, 2009

Fantasy Friday: The Music of Heather Dale

Heather Dale is a fantastic musician. She performs Celtic style music and writes songs based on mythology, specifically Arthurian myth. Her songs recap many of the stories of King Arthur from the birth of Mordred to Guinevere's trial. All of her songs are inspired by the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Her voice is beautiful and haunting. She brings these stories to life like a bard. Her lyrics create more depth to the stories we know. I most often compare her to Loreena Mckennitt because both their songs are very narrative in structure. She has eleven albums to date, her most recent is The Green Knight. My two favorite songs are "Mordred's Lullaby"--a gorgeous and powerful ballad sung from the perspective of Morgan Le Fay--and "Kingsword" --which is a more rock-type ballad that prophecies the coming of Arthur and the sword in the stone incident. She also has a song about female knights called "One of Us"! Any lover of fantasy and Celtic music will definitely enjoy listening to the songs of Heather Dale.

Mordred's Lullaby


One of Us

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