Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halloween: Couple Costumes

I always like the idea of couples dressing in coordinating costumes. However, I'm all about the nerdy, more unconventional couple costumes. Since Dustin and I have been together, we've always coordinated costumes on Halloween. The first year we were together we "Masqueraded," second year: Janine Melnitz and Louis Tully aka the secretary and accountant from the Ghostbusters movies, and last year...oh wait we didn't coordinate...I was a gothic lolita and he just dressed remotely gothic...this year of course we're going as Professor Layton and his boy assistant Luke. Yes make all the jokes you want about ancient Greece and man-boy love. I've made them all myself, actually that's how the costume idea came about. Dustin says we should make out in public when we're at Sugoi Con so we can make all the yaoi fangirls squee. My Luke costume is pretty much finished; all I need is a white, oxford shirt and suspenders. Dustin has to get an orange, collared shirt and make a top hat. I'll post pics where we're done. Even if you're not part of a couple, coordinating costumes are fun. So what are you all's Halloween costume ideas? Anyone coordinating or matching with a friend or group? Opinions on coordinating costumes for couples or groups or pairs?

Here's a few pics of my and Dustin's past coordinating costumes:

Okay, not really a costume, but one of my fave photos taken in October when looking in a vintage store (Queen of Rags) for a costume. 2006

"Masquerade Plastic Faces on Parade." We bought the dress and the tail coat in Queen of Rags (both on sale for $3). We made our own masks by going to Hobby Lobby buying a basic, plain masks and then coloring them sharpies (Dustin) and adding sequins and feathers (me).  2006

Yay, the ultimate nerdy couple! My glasses are fake; I got them in the clearance bin at Claire's. Notice how Dustin is wearing his real glasses inside of the frames of another pair of glasses. We went to see Nightmare Before Christmas in 3-D and got the idea to punch out the lenses and just use the thick black frames. I just used cheap, colored hair spray for my hair.

Gothic Horror Party 2008 Yeah, we don't really match except for the black. It's okay though. Dustin's friend made the tie and he sewed the little black x's on his collar--the outfit is actually for a cosplay. My GL skirt I bought at Queen of Rags and the fantastic hat I bought on Ebay.


  1. Oh man, loving the nerd costumes!! Those glasses are a hoot. :D My boyfriend and I decided that if we ever go to a Halloween party sometime we'd go as Johnny Knoxville (me) and Bam Margera (him) from that show Jackass and just beat the crap out of each other and shove things over all night!

    Your blog layout is gorgeous; followed you over from 20SB, think I'm gonna stay a while!

  2. My fiance and I always have a horrible time deciding what to be for Halloween. Lack of creativity I guess? Last year I was a German beer maid and convinced him to wear lederhosen. This year I'm borrowing a friends cop costume and taking him as my prisoner.