Friday, October 23, 2009

Best Birthday Present Ever!

I got an A on my source review paper!!!

I've been really worried about my first writing project for my Medieval Literature and Law course. I've never written a source review before, and I was really worried I was doing it incorrectly. I wrote it in a way that made sense to me and while I was horribly sick with the imitation Flu. My professor is known for being a hard ass. He's also my adviser for the Med-Ren program, academic mentor, and now the director of my culminating project. Basically, to me, he's God; he holds my academic career in the balance. I aspire to reach his level of "smartness," and impressing him is a really difficult task.

I got my paper back today at the end of class. I was really anxious and worried. Despite his assurances that the quality of the class's work as a whole was great, I thought I would be one of the exceptions. I was praying for just a B+ (that's like an A with almost any other professor). I wasn't going to look at my paper before I got home. I was just going to grab it and run.

However, my professor handed me my paper and said, "Lan, I've read your writing several times now, and this is the best writing I've seen from you." My jaw literally dropped, and I asked, "Are you serious?!" He answered, "Yes." I asked at least 3 times more, "Are you serious?!" I could not believe it. He answered "Yes" every time.

Dumbfounded, I walked out to where Dustin was waiting for me. I started waving my paper around, saying, "I got an A! Dr. Rabin praised my writing!" I finally got a chance to read his note which read:


This is outstanding work. Your research is very impressive, and your discussion is intelligent and closely argued. While I've made a few notes on the hard-copy, on the whole, this very well done, and foreshadows and excellent final paper.



This is high praise coming from Dr. Rabin! It's really helped restore my confidence in myself, my writing ability, and motivation to finish grad school!

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