Thursday, October 22, 2009

Do You Believe?!

I am ALMOST FINISHED with my Masters degree in English and my Certificate in Medieval and Renaissance Studies! I met with my adviser today, and we counted all my courses multiple times. I found I could count my 600 level History course as my one elective outside the department thus making my coursework complete! Next semester I only have to take one class to finish my Medieval Renaissance Certificate, and I'll be writing my culminating project and studying once more for my foreign language exam! Keeping my fingers crossed that I will finish and graduate on time! I'm kind of kicking myself for taking 12 hours (4 classes) this semester because I could've saved myself some heartache and sorrow by taking two next semester. However, this gives the opportunity to focus entirely on my writing!

Anette Olzon, the singer for one of my favorite bands Nightwish, has a new album coming out! She recently recorded a song with the Finnish rock band Rasmus. The song is called "October and April;" it's a beautiful duet between Anette and the lead singer of the band, Lauri. The music video is being released tomorrow or rather later today! 

My birthday is now two days away! I will be 24 on the 24 of October! I plan to celebrate by going to Gattiland, drinking, and watching Hocus Pocus--all with friends of course!

ABC Family is supposed to have started the 13 Days of Halloween. However, I have not yet seen a single Halloween film or themed TV show on there yet! I've been placating myself with cheesy Disney and Cartoon Network Halloween movies and shows.

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  1. WOO HOO!!! Yay for getting ready to graduate! I hope you are planning to take a break before diving in to the PhD if you are still going to get it.

    Hocus Pocus! I wish I was there to watch it with you! I love that movie.