Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Staying Strong

I am so grateful to have a wonderful family and group of friends. They have been crucial to helping me and my mom and sister get through this terrible event. I heard the whole story from where it started in KY and how it ended it SC. I learned a lot of things that really scared and hurt me further. However, they were things I had to know that were nagging at me. Now that I know, I can have closure, forget them, and move on. My family is one made up entirely of women, and we are strong. It's been the three of us for a long time, and it's the three of us again. We may argue and complain about each other sometimes, but we love one another dearly. What hurts one, hurts us all. Nothing will break our bond and spirit! Our lives will not stop because of one selfish person's actions. We will forever remain strong and prevail and move on with our lives!

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  1. You are such a strong group of women and I hate what you had to go through. The only good thing out of this whole ordeal is that you three are stronger than ever now. I love you so much bestie!