Friday, August 14, 2009

Nostalgia Moment: Sailor Moon

Had a fit of major nostalgia ever since Emily mentioned something on her blog about running around being Sailor Scouts. I and three of my friends all ran around shouting attacks or transformations in public. We formed a group called the S.S.O.A.--Sailor Senshi of America. There were only four of us though: Sailor Saturn, Venus, Jupiter, and Mercury. I wrote lots of silly fanfiction inspired by my friends which is still on under the penname sweetsaturn (I think...); I printed off hard copies too. I have a sketchbook full of drawings of sailor moon characters--mainly Sailor Saturn (my favorite senshi). I own all three movies on dvd and a fabulous sailor moon patchwork purse. I still have a bunch of old notes where we talked about going to Japan and what was going on in the Sailor Moon chatroom. And best of all, I have pictures of my 15th birthday where I had a Sailor Saturn birthday cake--best birthday cake ever! I'll post pictures when I scan them...which reminds me...I still need to scan and send those goofy pictures of us during middle & high school to Tamela. And the REALLY BEST of all is that I fell in love with my boyfriend of three years after he openly professed his love for Sailor moon. I spent the last couple of days working on a some pretty, customized banners for my former S.S.O.A. members. I wrote a long memoir on my life history through Sailor Moon on this blog I write on AnimeVice.

You know, a blog is usually kept for personal purposes, but as I said before it's nice to know you have readers somewhat interested in your life. Funny thing is, I know Tamela will always read my blog if no one else does, except maybe Dustin (my boyfriend), and I'm grateful for that. At least she's always got my back in real life and on the net, and lets me know I'm loved. ;) Anyhoo onto pretty banner thingies.


  1. aw Lan I love it! I thought we were suppose to keep secret identities though! hahaha. I love the quote on mine too! Oh sailor moon and the memories. The hottest guys on earth book, the super secret notes notebook between the members! How did we mange to get good grades in school with all that note passing!

    Not to mention running around half naked in the neighborhoods. God that was hilarious. I will never forget the night of running around the bush in Rachael's yard with our pants pulled down! What were we thinking! I wonder what happened to all those videos that we took just goofing around paducah. Like at the library and duck yoga. I would love to see those.

    Oh and I always have your back where ever you are. You could be across the world and I would still be there for you!

  2. Oh and you need to get on now

  3. Ok so Emmy told me you made these the other day and I just HAD to come take a looksy. Wow!! Those days will forever be branded in my memory. We were awesome, weren't we?

    In fact, yesterday, Emmy and I lay in bed reminiscing about those days. And then I ran to my house to get my "Box of Anime" which holds all my manga, anime, sketch books, and of course my Sailor Senshi Book - chock full of printed off pictures of every senshi and villain. Emmy and I sorted through every single page. Sigh. Love.

  4. Oooh. Also I'd like to mention that my verification word for the comment I just posted was "Mersoid". I don't think it's a coincidence. Mercury lives on!