Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Best Day EVAR x100: Janelle Monae

Today was the start of the Idea Festival in Louisville and one of the busiest weeks at the center, since we ticket the events which also take place in our building. Janelle Monae was part of one of the events and giving a concert today. I got to work about 2 PM, and one of my coworkers told me he and another co-worker saw Janelle walk through the center up to our small theatre. I was a little jealous and excited.

I'm so glad I worked the counter today. I figured Janelle would be walking through the lobby again, so I'd get the chance to see her sometime that day. Sure enough, I saw her dancers and then her. She was sporting her awesome pompadour hairstyle. She looked directly at me, I smiled, and she smiled back! I was so excited! Later, I got to hear her rehearse; her music and voice carried from the theatre out to the lobby.

After my shift, I planned to peek into the theatre and watch a number or two. We actually had some people return tickets they weren't using; we couldn't resell them, so my supervisor saved one for me because she knew I wanted to see the show. I had to wait a half hour after the concert started because my shift didn't end til then. As soon as I clocked out, I bolted up the steps into the theatre. I had a fantastic house seat, and got to watch the rest of the show.

The concert was AMAZING! Words cannot express how AWESOME Janelle Monae is! She's wildly energetic, eccentric, and talented! Her music is catchy and inspiring. She's all about challenging the norm, pushing the border, but not to the point where she alienates people. She's all about changing the world! Her music shifts genres. Basically Janelle Monae is just GD COOL! No other way to express it! I hadn't heard of her before I started working at the center. I heard my coworkers gush about her; I looked up a couple of her songs on YouTube and liked them. However, seeing her perform live just sealed the deal making me a committed fan for life!

Reason 1,000,001 why I love my job.

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  1. Is the small theatre the one where we saw Idina?

    I haven't heard of her but if you send me song suggestions, I will check her out.