Friday, November 27, 2009

I'm Engaged!

I thought it'd be a little while longer before I got to say this. I'm so excited and so happy! I have the best fiance a girl could ask for! Dustin is pretty sneaky and really caught me by surprise. I'm posting a couple pics of me and the ring--it's two carat diamond, marquis cut, and set in yellow gold. It was his grandmother's engagement ring. We need to get it sized a little smaller and reset. It's still a little surreal to me after waiting and waiting and joking about it. 

So here's what happened: 

We finish eating dinner, and Dustin had saved and cleaned the wishbone from the turkey earlier. We state the rules of the game: we both pull at the same time and whoever gets the bigger piece wins and gets their wish granted--actually Dustin got it backwards, I corrected him, but that's beside the point. So I'm thinking in my head what I want to wish for, of course the first that pops in my mind is, "I wish I was engaged...soon." We both pull, and I get the big piece. Then Dustin says, "Okay, I guess I have to grant your wish." He gets down on one knee and pulls a ring out of his pocket and asks, "Lan will you marry me?" 

My reaction:

Shove him backwards and shout, "ARE YOU SERIOUS?!" I couldn't believe it, and thought he might be joking. I keep repeating this phrase over and over. Then I ask if he called my parents to ask permission. He said yes. I was like, "NU -UH!" I was in disbelief still. He told me he called my dad yesterday and my mom the day before; both were supportive and gave permission. I held out my hand, and he put the ring on and we kissed. His mom teared up; I almost teared up inbetween laughing at the situation. I had to call my parents to verify, and both were really nonchalant about the situation having known about it beforehand. 

That's my story. It was wonderful because it wasn't  the sweep me off my feet, complex, highly romantic situation. I kept ruining any and all ideas he had, and finally he got some assistance from the students he's helping to teach. The whole scene was Dustin through and through; plain, simple, yet really sneaky and still romantic. Gotta give him the most props for surprise. We're planning on a long engagement, so no wedding date set yet (though I can legitimately plan now). We're both finishing graduate school, and then have to figure out what we're doing afterward and of course save money.


  1. Oh wow!! Congratulations to you both!! :D Haha I probably would have been the same, in disbelief and doing goofy things because I was so surprised...

  2. Congrats! That story has to be the funniest and cutest story I have heard! =]

  3. Congrats! I'm so happy for you two!!!

  4. Congrats my bestie! I can't wait until we really start to get things rolling. Its gonna be one wild bacholrette party that is for sure!!