Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Secret to Success is...

Sitting at table. I just realized how much of a difference a table makes in helping me focus on reading--critical or academic texts. I left my desk in Dustin's parents' garage in Shelbyville because of the lack of space in our apartment. Dustin's desk is occupied by his laptop. I just set up my laptop on the glass coffee table and usually read and write from there. However, I am very prone to distractions like the TV and the internet and playing on or organizing my laptop.

I happen to have a very nice dining table that is hardly ever used because Dustin and I like to watch TV when we eat. TV is the living room and table is in the kitchen and not in line of view. I have a few things sitting on the table, however most of the space is empty. I got tired of sitting on the floor and the couch because I have to keep holding the reading up to my face; I keep getting cramped; plus the lighting in the living room isn't all that great either. I sat at the dining table, and it made such a huge difference! I'm like in a state of incredulity, thinking "Why didn't I do this before?"

The reading went by quick. I didn't have to juggle the paper, pen and highlighter. I was more focused on my reading and it all seemed clearer, though that could be because the readings were easier than last weeks. Now, I remember my mom always making me sit at the kitchen table when I did my homework. If I sat in the kitchen the TV had to be off or else I had to sit in the dining room. All those hours spent doing homework and studying at a regular table did help with the concentration. I've been with this table since we first lived in SC, so like 12 years; makes me a little nostalgic; maybe there's some study magic embedded in it that'll help me through my last semesters in grad school.

Kind of an odd post. It's just kind of neat to look at study habits and see how environment can affect you. I find I need mostly isolation, a little background noise, lots of light, and a flat, high surface to rest my reading on to study effectively. What kind of study habits do you guys who are still in school have? Do your surroundings affect you? Does it depend on what you're doing/reading? What are the bad habits you keep trying to kick that always come back and bite you in the ass (besides procrastination)?

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  1. Environment is so important as you have discovered. And as someone with A.D.D. I must also have minimal distractions.

    Have a great day!