Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New Layout!

Goodness, sakes it takes me forever to make a new layout because I'm so picky about picture, color, and blending! Then I have to coordinate everything else on the blog to match like the background image and the body color and text color, etc. It's a headache. I also tried looking around at CSS coding again to see if I could figure enough it to try making a slightly more customized looking layout. I found some sites that had free, pre-made codes; it still made my head hurt. I decided to stick to the custom header and background formula that works so well.

I really love this image; it's the character Yuuko Ichihara from the manga/anime series XXXHolic by CLAMP. LOVE CLAMP--they're the artist group responsible for Magic Knight Rayearth, Card Captor Sakura, and Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles (which my last layout featured), along with many more titles. It's very nice fall oriented layout.

I volunteered to go into work today to get some extra hours. Finally got to eat my hot dog and ice cream, though not together. I ate 1 1/2 hot dogs at work which we were selling to make money for the charity Soles For Souls. Dustin made burgers for dinner, albeit very late. I stopped by Meijer to get hamburger buns and lettuce and got distracted for over 20 minutes in the skincare aisle. It's very difficult to find toner or skin cleaners without sacilycic acid in it. The stuff makes my skin dry out fast, burn, and turn red. To make things even harder, I was trying to find things that were non-animal tested. I did find one though--the brand is called JASON and its logo is an image of a koala bear. They're all natural and non-animal tested and have very good products; my sister and I used the facewash, which is really gentle--great for sensitive skin.

ANYWAYS, see there I go getting distracted! I got home ate my burger and then followed up with a delicious ice cream sandwich. Our refrigerator is packed to the brim for the first time in forever! Sooo much food & also two bottles of Arbor Mist and one bottle of white wine. Garrr...okay now I need to print out my reading, get ready for class tomorrow, and go to bed.


  1. wooww!!! i love ur template....

  2. Yummmm burgers and hot dogs and ice cream sandwiches and WINE! Those are four of my favourite things!

    I like the new layout, very pretty.

  3. I love the colors of the new layout. mmm hot dogs! I have this really big urge to do a weenie roast and this blog entry has encourage it even more! I need to get another bottle of Paducah Red at the Purple Toad Winery when I get a chance. It's so yummy.

  4. Nice to find your blog. :)

    I do the same thing too, so picky on choosing new layout for my blog, but eventually I just picked the classic template, then modified & added it css codes a little.

    Come 2 c my blog... ^^

    Have nice days!

  5. I love XXXHolic! But I love Tsubasa even more! The layout is great; I'm inspired to change mine since it's featured Domo for a good six months now.

    I can't use salicylic acid either! But I need something strong enough to fight my acne. Benzoyl peroxide is a good alternative.