Tuesday, August 25, 2009

One Week and Three Days...

I've been back in Louisville now for two days. Getting back was a mess. My flight from Columbia to Atlanta got delayed causing me to miss my connection. Luckily the airline was able to book me on another flight at 7:20 PM. I was stuck in the airport for about 4-5 hours. At least Atlanta's airport is nice and filled with lots of good restaurants, though I was not please with the quality of Sbarrao's I ate at. My slice of pepperoni pizza had too few pepperoni's to merit the price, and it was lukewarm to boot. However, I was too cranky & hungry to do anything but eat it.

Dustin picked me up at the airport, and we went to see Ponyo. I ate nachoes; I got two containers of cheese at no extra cost! The movie was adorable! It had some flaws to it and lacked a bit of epicness that was hinted at. I loved Lisa, the mom of the little boy Sōsuke, My favorite Miyazaki film, of the three I've seen, is Howl's Moving Castle--beautiful animation, music, fantastic epic story and great cast. After the movie, I felt majorly tired. We went through White Castle's drive-thru and home to eat. I went to bed pretty early.

It's becoming more real and comfortable being back in Louisville. I almost didn't recognize the place when I first landed. That tells you how disoriented I've been of late. My whole life seems to have existed in SC only the past week. I'm getting back to routine. I went to work today and start class tomorrow. I felt that little, heavy, knot in my chest that I first felt. However, after talking with Trena, a good friend and girl I work with, about stuff I felt better. I love Dustin; he's certainly great to talk to, however sometimes it's not enough to talk to him--mainly I need a girl friend. I'm letting go slowly. Sometimes the knot and a terrible ache will come up, but I find some way to make it go away. I sorely miss my family; I never have wanted to move home until now. My mom would be mad as hell if I did though. And I realize I have a responsibility to myself, to Dustin, to Lily (my cat), and my family; part of fulfilling that responsibility is finishing school and getting a real job.

Trena and I both talked about going back to church. She said she needs it to help her keep from wanting to physically hurt somebody. I think I need it for a little spiritual nourishment. I'm not particularly religious, but there's usually something comforting in church. I always admire people with strong religious faith, note that it's different from zealous religious faith. I generally live by the matra: just be a good a person, do good things.

So, now I'm done blogging. Going to get my stuff together for class tomorrow.


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  2. I hate that you were stuck at the airport for so long. I hate airports to begin with. Please please don't torture me with visits to white castle! The last time Michael and I went we ordered a crave case! We ate 20 of them right there! The remaining 10 we took home in our cute little case! haha

    I'm glad you have someone else to talk to. That always helps so much. I am trying to plan a good time for me to come up and visit you like I have always said I would. I am thinking my fall break, which is one day, but hey I get a long weekend! It's October 2nd. I think Michael was planning on flying out to Florida to see his friend so it would be perfect timing to go and see you. Though I would love it if you let me bring Echo, but if not, its okay!

  3. Blog Award for you at my place!