Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Life Just Got a Little More Magical

I love unicorns. I have since I was five and never stopped. Of course my taste in styles of unicorns have an extent. I've been known to fall for unicorns that are extra sparkly and/or purple. This Christmas was unicorn filled! I decided to devote a blog post to all my lovely new unicorn items.

I adore this little, sweet unicorn statue. Dustin's mom bought it for me for Christmas. She's different from all my other unicorns; she looks edgy and cool, but still adorable. I was so excited when I opened a box to find her.

This is a magical, wishing unicorn Dustin bought for me. I can change the background between Autumn forest, waterfall, sunset beach, or rainbow meadow. He came with a book; in spite of its stupid title Unicorn Wishes, actually contains worthwhile information about unicorn mythology.

This is Clara. She's my unicorn Pillow Pet; she is the perfect complement to my Snuggie. Dustin's parents bought her for me. She's so FLUFFY I THINK I'M GONNA DIE! And she's purple!

And lastly, here's Zombies VS. Unicorns! It's an anthology of short stories (50/50 zombies and unicorns) edited by Holly Black and Justine Larabalestier. Dustin bought this for me. It's a fantastic collection of stories!


  1. haha you so remind me from the little girl in Despicable Me. I love that movie!!

  2. Haha, too cute! IT'S SO FLUFFY. ;)

    I saw that book, lemme know if it's any good.