Tuesday, March 23, 2010

You Make Me Feel Like Dancing, Come Dance the Night Away

Once more I am hooked on Dancing With the Stars. I'm not a huge reality TV show fan, but something that involves pretty, sparkly costumes and ballroom dancing is a surefire way to get me hooked. I was hardcore for the first couple of seasons. I tapered off, until  the season Jane Seymour became a contestant, then after she was eliminated from the competition I stopped watching. Randomly, I decide to watch the newest season on Hulu and was excited to see a whole lot of celebrities I knew. I became sucked in watching the dance routines again. I think for me, it helps that I know a lot of the celebrities and actually care about or like some of them.

My favorite contestants right now are: Shannon Doherty, Evan Lysaceck,  Neicey Nash and Nicole Scherzinger. Of the three my favorite performance was Evan's; it had the perfect song, romance, fluidity, grace, and made me sigh. I think the "wild card" contestant this season is Pamela Anderson. She's all sex appeal, and somehow managed to impress the judges with it during her Cha-Cha. The judges reactions this season are cracking me up to no end. Their reactions to Pamela's dancing was priceless; Bruno's definitely digging the sex appeal. The judges gave her much higher scores than I anticipated for being such a messy performance.

The Waltz dresses are simply beautiful and make me very envious. I think Shannon's white dress that faded into black with the like ripped ruffle looking bottom was simply gorgeous. The female Cha-Cha outfits look little more than fringe sewn together in layers. I really wish they would use original recordings of pop songs or find better singers. The covers of songs, especially Ke$ha's TikTok (which isn't a good song to begin with), are really bad.  I'm going to have to keep watching this season now, especially since I have some contestants to get behind.

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