Monday, February 8, 2010

"I'll Never Let Go"

Today I went with Dustin, his mom, and grandma to the Louisville Science Museum to see the Titanic Artifact exhibit after lunch at Logan's Roadhouse. The movie Titanic is being shown on TV tonight. I was not allowed to watch the movie when it came in theatres; my mom thought it should've been rated R because of the sex scene which you saw nothing. I finally got to see it when it came out on VHS, but my mom said she had to watch it with me so she could fast forward through the sex scene. I was the most deprived and desolate 6th grade girl. Then one day I caught my sister watching the second tape when our mom wasn't home. I was like, "We aren't allowed to watch this!" She was like, "It's okay. Mom's not home." We watched all the second tape, sex scene included. I cried pathetically at the end; my sister and mom thought I was stupid for doing so. It was funny today after the exhibit, Dustin's grandma asked about the diamond, "The Heart of the Ocean," and asked where was Rose's story. She thought it was real; gotta love her. Dustin's mom was very nice about telling her the truth. 

The exhibit was really cool and fascinating. They gave us little cards which were our "ticket" to the Titanic. Each had a passenger name and details about their travel situation and companions. They were all real people and at the end of the tour was a giant list of the survivors and those lost when the ship sank. I was Mrs. Thomas Potter Jr. (Lily Alexenia Wilson -- maiden name), first class, taking a European vacation with my daughter. There were variety of artifacts from the china which meals were served on in first and second class, toiletries, glass wine bottles, light holders, rivets which held the ship together. There were images on the floor plan. There were letters and a German-English dictionary which belonged to an immigrant passenger and money too. There was a man-made freshwater "iceberg" which you could put your hand on and get a feel for what it would've been like in the water; actually the water would've been much colder than "iceberg" on display.  One of the most unique items I thought was a bottle of champagne which still held champagne inside. The cork got sucked in to the bottle and expanded so it couldn't be removed. Scientists or archeologists (whichever) actually inserted a needle to extract some of the champagne to taste. It still tasted like champagne with just a touch of salt water. Much of the coal from the Titanic was taken out by archeologists; now, the coal is being sold in little bits and pieces--a tiny fragment is sold for $20. Granted it's supposed to be worth a whole lot more in the future. There's also a cruise ship which is sailing out the day of the 100th anniversary of the Titanic's maiden voyage. The ship is going the same route and the same speed, obviously without the disastrous results. Tickets are being sold for $4,000--equivalent to the amount it would've cost a third class passenger back in the day--$90. The exhibit was really fascinating, and it turned out my passenger survived the voyage.

I had a pretty full weekend with three dates! One for each day! Dustin called me Friday after he got out of school (from teaching) and said, "Shower and dress nice. We're going on a date." I was taken aback, "I was like what?! A date?! One where I have to go out and wear a bra?!" I'm super lazy and almost always get away without wearing a bra (both pro and con). We went to dinner a new or rather redone asian restuarant; La Que (pronounced La "Whey"). The place served Vietnamese, Thai, and Chinese; I thought the selection of Vietnamese dishes was small--mostly noodle dishes. Dustin ate Green Curry Chicken & I ate Ginger Chicken (served in a hotpot) with vegetables. Twas delicious. Then we went to the Comedy Caravan where we saw three comedians, one of them was Torian Hughes who is a writer for Tyler Perry. There was an obnoxiously drunk woman in front of us who kinda sucked the energy and fun out of the jokes; she thought everything was a joke for her and would not shut up. Finally, the second comedian, Cleveland, bluntly told her to "Shut the fuck up." She did for a while, but towards the end of the show she was shouting out and laughing 20 times louder. In spite of her, we enjoyed the rest of the whole show -- all three comedians were absolutely hilarious!

Saturday Dustin wanted to go to lunch at O'Charley's, and I wanted to go see Much Ado About Nothing played by the Savage Rose Classical Theatre Company. So we combined them and made another date. The Savage Rose performs shows close to the way they would've been performed in the Renaissance; they use period costumes and have a limited set. I saw my friend Sutton and her boyfriend Stephen there and my friend Liz and one of her sisters Peggy. Her other sister, whose name I now forgot, was playing the role of Margaret. I saw several people I knew from the U of L theatre department performing in the show. It was really great, and I laughed so hard.

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