Monday, January 25, 2010

Storybook Endings, Fairytales Comin' True

So I went dress shopping again this Saturday with my good friend Cassie. I am so happy I held out and didn't buy the red dress last week! I went to two shops in Louisville: Terry's Bridal (where my friend Rachel got her dress) and Regiss Bridal and Prom (which is right down the street from me). I have to see, despite having ghetto looking exteriors, these shops are beautiful on the inside! My friend Cassie posed the theory that so much money goes into the content of the stores, they probably don't have the money to make the exterior look nice.

Regiss was my favorite store and where I found two dresses I love. The best part is that the seamstress there is an expert and really goes the extra mile to do what's best for the dress and bride; that means in the case of hemming a dress with an elaborate design at the bottom for a petite bride, the design does not have to be compromised. Plus she can add extra things like a colored trim or a different colored sash. I had so much fun in the shop. The lady who was my consultant was so nice to me and Cassie. She helped me with everything and gave me a ton of info. There was no pressure to buy at all.

My favorite dress (and what I'm becoming more and more certain is "THE DRESS) ended up being something completely different than what I'd been looking at. It was a fitted, chiffon dress that looked like it came out of a Jane Austen novel. It's very reminiscent of the Regency Era. When I wore it, I felt like I was a princess stepping out of a story book.  It's all white and made of chiffon. It's strapless, fitted with an empire waistline. There's a silver sash under the bust that becomes a droopy, romantic bow in the back. Then there's silver beading at the top of the dress above the sash. The dress splits into two panels in the front. So there's the outer layer of the dress and an inner layer. I wish I could find a photo online, but I can't. The bridal shop didn't allow pictures. I tried this dress on three times! When I added a little floral tiara to it, I had a moment of "OH WOW!" The dress is $940--so it's under a $1000! It also doesn't look so blatantly weddingish that it's possible to wear it again. The dress choice influences wedding colors, so now things have changed again for bridesmaids dresses.

My wedding is set for June 2012, so  it's more like a year and a half away. I think it's important to plan everything as soon as possible because it's going to be during peak wedding season. I want to get married in the NC State Rose Garden on a Saturday afternoon.  It's a popular spot and season, so you have to book at least a year in advance. To order a wedding dress, get it altered, then pressed and steamed, I was told takes about 8-10 months. Then I've got to book a venue for the reception, back up ceremony site (in case of rain), caterer, DJ and all that other important wedding stuff. So I don't think I'm jumping on things too soon; I want as much planned out as possible, so that when it comes time to book and pay the money, there's no decision making, just do it. Also, planning on a budget really requires advance planning, I think.

I'm going to start a wedding blog, so that all my wedding stuff can go there and all my relatives and friends can go there to see it all without having to dig through all my daily life blog posts. And also for those you know actually interested in my daily life (haha) don't have to bombarded daily with wedding stuff. So here's the URL:

I'm gonna double post this entry on there. But I will also be adding photos and youtube links with my wedding ideas. Anyhoo, here's couple pics to help you kind of imagine the dress; think a cross between these two pictures, substitute silver beading, make the dress all white and strapless, and add a silver sash under the bust.


  1. I can already imagine you wearing a dress similar to the two of those posted above. GORGEOUS! In the 4th paragraph you said your wedding was in June of 2012 but then said it was a year and a half away. Do you mean June of 2011 or two and a half years away? You are SO right about planning everything now even though the wedding isn't this year. It is so important because the last thing you want is for everything to work out for a set date except that ONE SPECIAL thing. If I may suggest, make sure you schedule the thing that's most important to you first, that way you know you'll have that and the other things, like DJ and catering, can be fitted around it. Good luck with everything!

  2. Nice blog you have here!
    Stopping by from SITS!

  3. so much in planning a wedding! That's great that you're starting early. because time just creeps up on you and before you know it you'll be paniking to get everything done! Good luck!