Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snow Day + Wedding Dress + Red Lobster = Perfect Day

Louisville got snow, though not as much as we were hoping and that the weather people originally predicted. The patterns changed and the southern and western parts of KY got more snow. Makes me a little disgruntled. Though I haven't been one for playing out in the snow much lately. I just think it's pretty and you know always provides a chance to miss school. Yes, I still think snow days are the most awesome thing ever when school is canceled.

Showed my future mother-in-law, Dena, and future sister-in-law, Amanda, my top three dresses today. I've got it pretty much narrowed down to two dresses. I'm 99% sure of which of the two I'll end up choosing. Pictures and other wedding talk on wedding blog.

Reading a new vampire novel by Robin McKinley called Sunshine. I'm not feeling a strong fondness of the book as of yet. I went and looked at some reviews after finishing part one. There's primarily a love it or hate it kind of feel. However, the few on the fence gave the best input--or at least comments I agree with so far; it's an interesting thing to read and see McKinley experiment with a genre she's not written before. I think it's a little tedious, but I think it's purposeful for slowly building suspense and letting the story unfold and tell itself bit by bit. I'm missing my Sookie Stackhouse with the zinger wit and sexy vamps and romance; I really enjoy them for light reading. Not enough funds to purchase a new one and they're too popular to be traded on PaperBackSwap.

Went to Red Lobster on a "double date" with Dustin's mom and stepdad. I ate so much and drank half of a Bahama Mama (which is a lot for a small, asian girl).  I ordered the pick two: grilled salmon and coconut shrimp. It came with two sides, I chose a salad and rice. Then there were biscuits to eat, and on top of that Dustin ordered crab legs which I couldn't let go by without eating a couple. I stuffed myself silly. Thank goodness we didn't get dessert. I felt sick when I got home--a mixture of overeating and alcohol. Dustin's said, "I'm going to go play a game." I promptly replied, "How about we play the game where you get me two pepto and glass of water--warm?" I was joking, but he being the most wonderful boy in the world, did exactly as I asked. Today was one of those perfect days.

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