Monday, January 18, 2010

The Quest for the Dress

Two of my friends are now engaged--both with a few weeks of each other. Both are getting married in 2010, one in August the other November. I went out today with my friend Rachel and the rest of the bridal party (who I all know and love). I missed going dress shopping with her Saturday. Going to Steak n' Shake for ice cream kinda made up for it. We had fun talking about wedding stuff and drama. Then she measured us for our dresses--she's making them herself. They're strapless, knee length, dark purple cocktail dresses. It's only going to cost us $20.  I'm really excited because it's purple and I can wear it again. Even though I'm getting married too, my wedding's two years down the road, so this is a fun and learning experience for me.

Saturday I went to try on dresses for a second time. I went with my future mother-in-law to Bridal Warehouse in Louisville. I unexpectedly found the possible "IT" dress. I've posted a few pics Dena took with her camera phone; we thought cameras wouldn't be allowed, but there were plenty of people taking photos. (Note: I'm posting photos of two dresses I liked most, but the one I'm considering is the red) This dress has the drama, glamor, elegance and COLOR I want in a dress. I actually decided I liked red better than dark purple. The fact is such a shock because for so long I was gunning for purple, and no one could dissuade me. I was so excited this dress had the option of dark purple accents, but when I held the purple sash up to the dress to imagine the dress in purple, I realized the red popped more and looked better. Also, what's funny about the experience is that the dress was the next to last dress I tried on. I didn't really like it on the hanger because of the "v" underneath the bust, but I tried it on and it was beautiful!

The experience at the bridal store though was less than desirable. I had little fun and felt the service was definitely lacking. Too many of the dresses were poofy princess dresses and stark white to boot. There were almost no dresses in my size or even anything remotely close to my size (I'm size 0 and petite; it's rough) My bridal consultant left me alone for way too long. I know a few times she was going to look to see if a dress came in my size or in a different color for me. Still, she left me to pick out dresses myself, not even bothering to ask what I liked. She originally left me alone to try on dresses without any help. Imagine trying to get into a dress 8 sizes too big and like 6 feet (exaggeration) too long when you're my size. I had to ask her to come help me. She also looked at me funny when I talked to her about trying on bridesmaids dresses; bridesmaids dresses have become really elaborate and come in a ton of different colors. I felt like I was being pushed to find a dress from the seller whose new dresses were being debuted in the trunk show that day. When I did find what I thought to be my dream dress, I was told there was a strong chance it could be discontinued because it was designed in 2006. The dress was $749.99--not bad for all the beautiful dress, but I didn't think it was right to drop the money yet (even though I had more than enough saved away). I don't have a job yet; it's only my second trip to the bridal shop; and I felt way too much pressure to buy.

I feel that if it's the right dress, I shouldn't feel pressured to buy it because it might not be there in the future. My wedding is 2 years away! If it's "the dress" I should have no hesitations about dropping the money. Also, with this dress there is a length/alteration problem. They can't order the dress in a custom length. When the hem the dress, they will have to cut off the beautiful beaded applique at the bottom, but they can keep the red trim. I feel shouldn't get a dress I have to compromise a design element on because of my size.

I've decided to hold out for a better dress (one I'm 100% sure of) and more importantly shop at a store where the service is better and more personal. If I still think about this dress constantly withing the next several months, I'll know it's the one. I have the designer and style number and can order off the designer website. Although my first wedding dress shopping experience was wonderful, I still couldn't find the dress of my dreams. The second experience was less exciting though I found a possible dress. My friend Cassie told me today she would go with me this weekend to some local bridal shops, one of them being the place Rachel found her dress. Also, these places carry 2s and 0s which is a plus.


  1. So pretty! I really do like the dress with red accents but you shouldn't feel pressured to buy it so soon. You will find something perfect for you, I know it!

    P.S. Just needed to say that in the first dress (the lace one) your boobs look ginormous....

  2. Oh, Lan, I really like both of those dresses but that first lace one is GORGOEOUS. I think since you ARE so tiny, you should take advantage and wear something super fitted, cause I never could.

  3. That lace dress gave you an awesome hourglass figure! So jealous right about now! ;)

  4. pretty lacy dress! You look great in it! Yeah I agree about your dress decision. I mean our opinions change a lot in 2 years, so what you think may be the perfect dress now may not be in 2 years. I think my wardrobe changed quite a bit in 2 years anyways hahaha but maybe I'm just really indecisive! Thanks for the comment on my blog! :)