Thursday, January 7, 2010

Pursuing the Lioness

I found out about this challenge of sorts through one of my favorite book review blogs Angieville. It's being hosted by another book blogger, Chelle, of Tempting Persephone. I constantly gush about Tamora Pierce and how her books (in particular her Lioness Rampant) series has made a huge impact on me. Chelle is challenging those who haven't read the books to read them (it's a quartet) and post their impressions and reactions. She's also asking veteran readers and major fans to write a guest post about their experience with the series. I'm so stoked about this event and will definitely be participating! I just want to spread the word and the love about this awesome event which is going on for 6 MONTHS, January 1- June 30!!! This is a blog challenge I can really get behind and become truly passionate about. I can't wait to read all the responses to the series from both new and old readers. So pick up a copy of Alanna: The First Adventure if you haven't, start reading it! I guarantee you'll love it and be plowing through the rest of the series in no time!


  1. What's the book about? Looks like a fantasy. Is there something else you can compare it to?

  2. I saw that book in the big book store and was wondering if you had read it. I started Alanna when I was younger but I don't think I fully appreciated it.