Thursday, January 28, 2010

Blood Suckers on the Brain

I've always been fascinated with the supernatural. I've grown up on a steady diet of fairy tales and fantasy novels. I think I really got into Vampires in the 7th grade with my introduction to L.J. Smith's Nightworld series (which she is finally finishing this March after like almost 10 years!). My sister recently told me, my mother used to think I was going to run off and join a Satanic cult because I was into reading about witchcraft and vampires. She told me she  and my mom were both very glad I didn't turn out like that. The thought never crossed my mind; sure maybe dabbling in Wiccan came up (because it was really cool at the time), but never Satanism much less a cult. I think I'm a little too rational for that which sounds ironic coming from a girl with an overactive imagination.

Vampires are once more back in the spotlight although I say they've got some heavy competition with zombies. Zombies really can't be romantic though; you wouldn't want to start a romance, much less sleep with one. You could have a romance that revolves around killing zombies ala Pride Prejudice and Zombies. Anyway, back to vampires. I'm really digging this "modern" or "20th" century vampire that's part of mainstream society--open or hidden. Shamefully, I have not read a single Anne Rice vampire novel even though I attribute her with the creation of the modern vampire. I've watched the movie Interview with the Vampire multiple times though. My only, real resolution is to read at least Interview with the Vampire. :)

My current passions in the vampire world are the early Anita Blake novels and the Sookie Stackhouse novels. I like the mystery crossed with some romance; lately both series have completely forgone mystery in favor of romance or pure smut. Someone oughta cross Nancy Drew with vampires--I personally think it'd be a winning combination. For some reason, right now cross pretty much anything with vampires and you've got my interest. Since I'm currently reading and writing about martyrdom and sainthood, I'm wondering if you could still be considered  martyr if you became a vampire--you did just came back...but not in an exactly "holy" manner. However, in the Anita Blake series there is the Church of Eternal Life; so could you have vampire saints? Would they have to be dead as a vampire or just dead as human? What would a vampire saint be like? I also keep wondering how crossing vampires with medieval literature would pan out. Dustin and I were joking around about putting a vampire in the Canterbury Tales and which of the pilgrims it would be or if it was Chaucer who was the vampire. These are the kind of things that go through my brain; that's what you get when you mix whimsy with grad school and a cheesy fiance who just encourages any and all silliness. :) 


  1. My current passion seems to be Vampire Diaries. Finally a new episode last night after so long. Im not happy that Obama spoke when Lost should've been starting. Politicians can work during the day. x.x

    Anyways, thanks for stopping by. I am addicted to Fable II but I liked DragonAge too. I unfort. don't have much time to play on the xbox this semester. Plus its hooked up to my moms t.v. so ... of course, she's always watching.

  2. Bizarre - I've had vampires on the brain as of late! Check out the most recent post on my blog, would like to get your thoughts.