Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sugoi Con - Round Up & an Open Letter to Tama

Photos: Me (as Luke) & FICE. Dustin (as Prof. Layton) & Me (as Mio Akiyama)

I'm lazy to rewrite all the last SugiCon stuff and repost all the pictures here. So, I'm just going to link to Dustin's comprehensive post which has all the day 2 recap, photos, and links to video footage. Or you can just look up the photos on facebook. You all should go check it out! Brief Post Con Reflection: I really enjoyed this con, it being smaller than OhayoCon. I could walk and breathe and had a much lower level of anxiety. Only disappointment was in the lack of variety in the panels. But that was made up for the by the performances of 3 major Japanese music acts! Oh, and fancy cosplays are nice and great, but very inconvenient and stressful if you're trying to change in the bathroom or car and not a hotel room. Packing everything you need the night before is good, and always double check. Oh and another major plus was the lack of tons of stupid people; I didn't run into any drunk, high, stupid socially awkward yet highly obnoxious teens who were away from home for the first time. Also made a couple new friends.

Loot List: Really cool Tokyo Pop t-shirt (will post pic later) and a cute Card Captor Sakura wand cell phone charm. I bought Dustin a couple figures from his favorite game Star Ocean 4. I really didn't spend too much at the con--that could also be contributed to the fact that the dealers' room closed early on Saturday.

Okay and now, having while away my weekend and procrastinated per usual, I have to put together a 15 minute presentation on the Emancipation Proclamation, read two journal articles, research and start writing a bazillion million papers, and read the Knight's Tale and criticism on it. To help me do the first and most pressing task, I am attempting to enlist the aid of my best friend and semi-Civil War expert Tamela!

Dear Tama,

You know, we've been like best friends since 7th grade. It was so awesome to find out that you did Civil War Reenacting with your whole family; I think that was one of the coolest things about you. I have this you know, kind of big deal yet low key presentation on the Emancipation Proclamation due tomorrow at 4 PM...well actually it's like 5:30 PM because that's when we move from class discussion to archival presentation. Your dad has all kinds of nifty Civil War stuff, books, and knowledge as I know do you. Therefore, I think you should take off from your job, bring your dad, and all your civil war gear and come up to Louisville. It's only a 3 1/2 hour drive. We should also call the Abe Lincoln look-alike and performer that we met at that one reenactment we went to.

Then we'll all dress up in fancy Civil War clothes, Abe Lincoln will read the Emancipation Proclamation, and it'll be so fun and amazing that it will distract everyone so they forget I was actually supposed to discuss it. If there are questions from my professor, I will simply say, "I defer to knowledge of my expert" and point to your dad who can answer anything and everything. It's a guaranteed A for me and way for us to get to spend some quality time together. We can go out the next day and take your dad to the Frazier Arms Museum to check out all the 19th century weaponry they have. My professor is the nicest person and one of the most knowledgeable people about the Civil War. She would love you and your dad. It's fail proof. You have no excuse not to come. Just tell your boss you've got to go help your best friend get an A on her civil war presentation; no one can fault you for being a good friend. See what a great idea this would be? I'm so glad to have a best friend who I can count on for anything and who conveniently knows a lot about the Civil War. See you tomorrow!


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  1. Oh Lan, You know I would love too, but my dad also works! I'm sure you will do great, don't you remember when we did that civil war presentation in middle school and wore the dresses and rocked out!! So I am sure you will rock out again!!!

    Make the Abe Lincoln look-alike proud Lan!