Tuesday, October 13, 2009

No I am Not "Down with the Sickness"

I hate being sick. I have been sick since Saturday when it hit me all of a sudden at work. Non-stop fever, chills, and coughing, not to mention other unpleasant symptoms. Went to the doctor and thankfully didn't have to wait long. At least, I was not told there was technically nothing wrong with me. The doctor was really nice and expressed genuine concern and also was considerate of the fact that I didn't have insurance. They had some kind of discount which was nice, and the cost of the H1N1 virus test wasn't so high to make the cost double what I expected the doctor to cost. Thankfully, my parents are super awesome and helping me out with the cost of the doctor and prescription.

I have just damned the Food Network for being too enticing and promoting ridiculous and unnatural cravings (especially when sick) and Guy Fieri for making me feel more ill than I am. He stuffs his mouth as full as possible and chews with his mouth open. I am currently shunning it. I'm also trying to avoid watching TV so I can work on my big bibliography and source review project due Thursday. Somehow I keep getting enticed by whatever is on TV whether it be a commercial or a some random TV show.

I am unable to eat hardly anything, despite having something resembling an appetite. I had my first attempt at making Cho Ga --vietnamese rice soup with chicken, but it didn't turn out as well as I wanted. My mom instructed me on how to fix it, so I'll do that tomorrow. I've been living off a limited diet of toast, saltines, raisin bran. It is complimented by frequent doses of Tylenol, cough medicine, and anitbiotic.

Now Dustin is sick too. The both of us manage to alternate between stages of extreme sickness and helplessness. After I opened the cabinet complaining about lack of desirable food substances, Dustin suggested muffins. To which my enthusiastic reply was, "YES!" Thank God for instant muffin mix where you just add milk!

So that's my small update and reason for not updating as often as I hoped to.


  1. Looks like you guys need to quarantine your apt. It's not safe in there!!

    I hope you get feeling better soon.

  2. Get better! no one likes being sick. its always the worst possible thing for the person who is sick at that moment in their life. this one kid i knew takes extremely good care of himself, had his parents refuse to pay for his college tutition this year, tried taking out a loan to pay himself but was rejected, now is paying barely by his job, and then got mono and has missed weeks of classes- after doing everything he could to pay for it. thats probably the worst situtation a person could be in.
    being sick really is rotten, i hope you get better soon so you can keep writing!