Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Printer FAIL!

I'm all out of ink due to the fact that within the past couple of weeks, I've had to print over 200 pages of reading for class. I hate reading for prolonged periods of time on a screen and can't make notes, highlight or underline important quotes/ideas in the text when the text is digital. My notes generally don't make sense when they're separated from the reading. Furthermore, I can't print a black and white PDF file in blue ink.

I go out, fight my super paranoia and anxiety, and make the semi-lengthy drive to Meijer at 1:30 AM to buy some ink. I remembered that the number on the cartridge was 54 although the picture on the printer ink cartridge cover thing had the numbers 54 and 21 (in reference to the black ink cartridge). I look at all the ink cartridges there's no 54. Only 56, 57 and every other number BUT 54. I start to think I'm wrong and doubt myself. I then look at the conveniently located book of printers and their compatible ink cartridges. I find the picture of my printer and look at the ink cartridge numbers listed. Guess what, 54 isn't listed but 21 is. So, coupling this information with the memory of seeing the number 21 on my printer I buy the cartridge.

I come home, pull out my old cartridge which says 54. I check the box with the new ink cartridge one more time, it says compatible with HP F4180; my printer says HP F4180. I attempt to fit the new ink cartridge inside the printer. It refuses to snap in place. I take it out, examine and compare it to the old one. They're both about the same size, however the little flat thingy that I guess snaps in the printer are different lengths. That makes me very irate and frustrated.

Now, I'm stuck reading a bunch of pages on a screen. No, I do not want to wait until later today to start reading 60+ pages left of my theory reading plus more for my other classes. The whole point of going out was to get ink, print my theory reading, write my response, and leave time Tuesday and Wednesday for an even splitting of my other class readings. I was going to take another proactive step towards becoming the girl who no longer procrastinates. Geez, why does the world hate me?

At least, I got printer paper and a pair of cheap shorts for my Luke Triton (from the Professor Layton games) costume. Still very angry though! Now, I have to go to Meijer again today and return the ink. Then go down the road to BestBuy where hopefully, I will find the correct size ink cartridge. What a pain!


  1. I HATE buying ink and it does seem that the printers always screw you over.

  2. Another reason to become a SLIS student: Grad students at IUB get 1000 pages of free printing. If you are are SLIS student, you also get another 1500 in the SLIS computer lab.....

  3. Ink cost more then a new printer. Sometimes I jsut find myself buying a new printer.

    Thanks for coming by my blog. We are all safe. The city's crime has been going up for years now. It's crazy, because it's such a great town otherwise. they just keep busing in kids from OAKLAND and it's crazy.

    I hope you come back to visit!!

  4. I'm so glad I can print things at work! Saves the hassle!

  5. Ack my word verification for that last comment was rings! You know what that means! haha okay...I just really hope you want to have a wedding!