Thursday, September 3, 2009

Nom, Nom, Pizza & Nerd Talk

Finishing up the last of the pizza as I'm watching Project Runway.

Second day of Queer Theory today. Initially, I struggled a little bit reading Focault and Gayle Rubin, however, as always,  Dr. Kopelson always manages to break everything down and make it clear. We had lots of haha moments in class making fun the snootiness of lit. theory critics, and some of the radical statements made by Rubin. The line that made me laugh quite a bit was : "The only adult sexual behavior that is legal in every state is the placement of the penis in the vagina in wedlock." I'm not dismissing her statement, I'm just amused by the truth of it. She doesn't play around when it comes to sexuality and repression. I love Dr. Kopelson because she's got a very lax, humorous and "I'm-just-as-lazy-and-tired-as- any-college-student-even-though-I'm-a-professor-with-tenure" attitude. Some of her best comments come out when she's tired, like today: "pederasty, that's where you...[pause] 'asty' your children."

I wanted to kick myself today because I forgot to do my writing assignment, and Dr. K doesn't accept late work.  I thought earlier, "I wonder if we have a writing assignment today, no I think we're just going to write in class." Then I get to class, and one of my classmates entered a little late; he asked if we had turned our papers in yet. At that moment I was like "OH SHIT!" I think it's the most awful feeling of shame and embarrassment when you're a grad student, and you've already screwed up and forgotten an assignment on your second day of class.

I want to blame the wedding, but it's also my fault for not writing it down in my to-do notebook, which I've been doing an awesome job at keeping and looking at.  I don't believe in planners because it does you no good to look at things in advance. Plus I never use them. I always end up making lists of things to do from homework to errands and posting them on my desk or computer. Mac has a cool note/reminder app; I can write little remainders on brightly colored post-its and have them appear on my desktop. I don't know how I could live or keep track of my life without Post-Its.

I'm in a major paper topic developing mood. I keep thinking and debating different ideas for my Queer Theory paper, since it's a free for all. I really want to do a paper of sexuality/gender in the anime Revolutionary Girl Utena. Thing is, Utena is really long; I'd have to sit and watch the whole two seasons and take a ton of notes, and contstantly rewatch certain episodes. I'm also considering a shorter anime, like Maria-Holic or writing on the Takarazuka theatre tradition in Japan. Still have a million other papers to worry about: Anne Askew for Med. Lit & Law, currently subjectless Black Plague paper, currently subjectless U.S. Slavery Rhetoric paper, and oh can't forget the ever forboding CULMINATING PROJECT PAPER OR THESIS.

Time to finish my meal, stop watching TV, leave the internet behind, and go do my copious amounts of reading for tomorrow. I have three classes back to back for a total of 7 hours and 15 minutes. I have 15 minute break between each class--enough time to run between buildings or class rooms, use the bathroom, grab a snack or coke. There is no such thing as real life on Thursdays.

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